Company’s fundamental concept of
research development and products

& B (Health & Beauty)
In other words, we aim to realize inner care with foods and skin care with cosmetics.

Seungyun Brian Park as Chief Researcher Officer

          BRIAN'S LAB CORP is specializes in R&D in natural resources and establishes R&D Center which is certified by the country in the Institute of Natural Resources Research and also, manufactures safe, reliable ingredients which can be applied to the Foods, Cosmetics and Medicine.
BRIAN'S FACTORY, a subsidiary which was established on Aug. 2013, specializes in manufacturing the Health Food, Health Functional Food, Cosmetics and Quasi-drugs and Medical supplies for Animals.
We has always made efforts and devoted itself to human’s health since its foundation.

And we have developed more than 70 types of innovative materials which are very useful for foods, cosmetics and medicines as well by utilizing natural resources in the nature.

We have manufactured and distributed health foods, health functional foods, basic skin care products and functional cosmetics as well by using the innovative materials we developed and moreover, handled OEM and ODM, if requested.

          Vegetable collagen which is a 3rd generation collagen comes from plants and was refined with innovative, patent technology.
Unlike the animal or marine collagen, this Vegetable collagen is soluble and not treated chemically but hydrolyzed and reliable.

This Vegetable collagen made by Hibiscus was extracted and made.
The Hibiscus contains abundant Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Copper, Zinc and Omega 3 & 6.
and also, this product contains 23% of HCA(Hydroxy Citric Acid) which is great functional ingredient for Slim & Diet.
Thus, this Vegetable collagen is good itself for skin care and health as well.

【 Representative materials 】

➀ Vegetable Collagen:
    It’s recently developed and called as the 3rd Generation Collagen.
It comes in three types: liquid formula for foods, powder and liquid formula for cosmetics which were manufactured by the company’s innovative original technology. These formula can be applied to various types and texture and commercialized.

➁ Shark’sFin Collagen :
    It’s a representative material developed by the company and also, the health foods and functional cosmetics(as cosmeceutical) which were manufactured with this collagen have already been distributed at home and abroad. Especially, the functional cosmetics come in 5 types(moisturizing cream, regenerating cream, All-in-1 cream, night pack cream, sheet mask pack) got permission from the CFDA in China in March 2017 and passed the cosmetic product reliability test(CPNP) in Europe in May 2017.

➂ Abalone Collagen & Sea Cucumber Collagen:
    These collagens were commercialized as the health foods and cosmetic products and distributed.